Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Exercise to keep your heart healthy Or Take Insurance

At present, the risk of heart disease in the age group of 3 to 5 years is high. Increased mental pressure, lack of regular exercise, unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity led to high heart disease.Asthma, increased heartbeat and fatigue are common symptoms of heart disease without much effort. It is good to rest a lot of time. Walking a short distance, climbing stairs, and even talking a little, if you are suffering from extreme fatigue and difficulty breathing, the cardiologist must resort. Studies have shown that regular cardiovascular exercise for 5 to 5 minutes a day reduces blood pressure, blood sugar levels and increases good HDL cholesterol.

There are five types of exercise that strengthen your heart muscle or heart. Such as walking, cycling, climbing stairs, swimming, aerial dancing or jogging.You can choose one of the exercises. However, doing five minutes 5 days a week is more effective and eliminates boredom.Before you start exercising your heart, your body needs to warm up, warm up, cool, or soothe after exercise.If you want to run, start the first five minutes slowly with left to right. Then jog 20 minutes quickly. Then relax for five minutes. Wear comfortable clothing during exercise, jogging shoes should be used.For those suffering from heart disease, it is necessary to consult an expert before exercise.

Cardiologists can perform low levels of cardio exercise at home. For example, you can walk slowly for five minutes and then you can walk five minutes in slow motion. This way you should exercise for about 5 minutes five days a week.Another important exercise for cardiologists is breathing exercise.First, feel free to lie down. Put your hand on the abdomen. Now slowly breathe through the nose. Notice the abdomen is up. Stick to a few seconds. The focus is to give it a whistle. You can do this exercise five to eight times a day.If you have the opportunity to swim, you can swim for at least an hour three days a week.

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