Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019

Strike of the cricketers demanding that point

Bangladeshi cricket players called a press conference on the claim that the country’s cricket was not doing well. Chakib Tamim Musafaq and other cricket players filed their claim in front of the media at Shir Bangla Stadium in Mirpur until noon. They called for a strike at the end of the three-point demand. Until the demands are met, they will refrain from any cricket activities. The decision against the cricket players was left uncertain in the next series against India. The press conference was attended by Shakib Al-Hassan, Tamim Iqbal, Mushfaq Rahim, Mahmoud Allah and some of the country’s top cricket players. “Cricket players will not participate in the cricket program until requests are met,” said Chakib, the Bangladeshi cricket team’s Test and T20 captain. Increased players’ salaries, ranging from BCB’s Groundsman to other Bay Nabhukta increase financial security staff in 11 point orders. Besides, domestic cricket, especially in first, second and third degree cricket, has reached the end of irregularities and long-standing corruption.

Cricket players also demanded an increase in the number of local cricket tournaments. On the diary page, “Respect, Future” is written in English. Under it “claims” are written in bold. There are 5 claims in the form of points. Read 1 cricket claims. These demands are exactly what the demands of the team have brought, like the five in the field. Demand for cricket in the country forward. Shakib – Tamim – Mossafak – Mahmoud Allah – Naim – Islam – the right … Read it one by one. First of all, respect. We are cricket, we do not have the respect that we think we deserve. Our players’ federations (Quabs) have no activities. We haven’t seen anything he can do for us as a player representative. The first is that those who are now the president, the secretary-general of this organization, must resign quickly. We will decide who will be the Secretary-General and the President of this Organization. Choose and fix. 2. How many years the situation in the Premier League Dhaka, you know.

The way the league runs, all players are dissatisfied with it. Standard of remuneration is imposed. Players have to play within several limitations. As we used to do in the Premier League, the way we deal with club officials … they were active in the players’ wages and the players could adjust the club to their liking. We demand a return to the Dhaka Premier League as before. 3. This year BPL will be another base. I respect that. It is our demand, that BPL should revert to the previous rules. More importantly, local cricket players should receive a fair salary like foreign cricket players. The score of cricket players in Bangladesh will be guaranteed. If the franchisee does not buy at auction, that is the thing. But the players must be in the class they deserve. 4. First class cricket players will have to pay you 1 taka. First-class cricket players pay very little. It should increase by 5 percent. In each category, players have to increase the gym and field facilities. You should keep a physical trainer for 12 months. These physical trainers will attend first-class cricket players in this process. So they can work that way. I know it won’t happen today. But it must be confirmed before next season. Do not want to be practicing every department in this academic field in Dhaka. We want each department to prepare for their main list. Then cricket will expand. There are many simple things in first class cricket. Which is difficult to say in detail. But I say something like a big problem ball. The strength of first class cricket is not standard. Playing this ball when we come to play caps, is a lot of trouble. Now the daily allowance is given in Tk. Claiming our decency is not possible with this money.

Of course, players have to eat healthy. Good hotel to stay. You must pay the money it takes to stay well. Now the round is paid 20 bucks. Suppose the player from Rajshahi goes somewhere else. Is it possible to get off the bus to 20 bucks? It is necessary to make sure that the aircraft can move from one place to another. No need to travel. Guaranteed airline tickets. The team hotel must have a swimming pool and gym. In a four-day match, there is considerable pressure on the player. The advantage of overcoming this problem is to stay in a hotel team. It is not possible to stay in a 4-2 star hotel. The team bus provided was very disappointing. In a bus players feel comfortable, the bus is given. 5. Increase the number of players belonging to the national team contracted with BCB. If you compare with the world, the number of players contracted in the national team is much lower. The number must be at least 5. Raise the salary. Salary is not increased for three years.

6. Decorations are not just cricket players, those who work in the field, works the foundations from morning to night only to get TK. If we talk about a local coach, we don’t want to be distinguished by Bangladeshi coaches. The money spent on foreign coaches is paid to 20 local coaches! In one visit, the players under the Bangladesh coach did well. It will be seen that the coach is no longer in the next round. Everyone complains about the verdict. But it must be financially guaranteed. The same is true for physical trainers. This is the time to give importance to Bangladesh over foreigners. 7. In local cricket we play first class cricket. Let’s play the league in this more. Another tournament must be extended here. Let’s play Twenty20 with BPL. It is important to have another Twenty20 championship before the BPL. Local cricket players will be able to perform better at BPL. Previously, I used to play a game four times with four days in the national league now. We want to go up again. So I can play one last day. 8. There must be a specific local cricket calendar. Given that, we can prepare in advance. 9. BPL-Premier League wages must be paid from time to time.

The players are still getting fees from the Brotherhood in their last Premier League match. 10. The rule is that players will not be able to play more than two franchises. If you are not busy with international cricket, you have to play any league. 11. Local cricket is coming out more and more. Long before the game, find out which team wins will win. It’s very sad it’s very important to fix this. Engage in a player’s career with her. A batman can be dismissed as good in one match. But if the referee is out of bad judgment, his career ends there. The pipeline needs to be improved until the player comes. Here we could not add the women’s group. We have to make quick decisions. If they have any claims, they should be added. I’m not adding an age group here. Finally, Chakib said: “As long as this request is not met, I am not involved in any cricket activities. I will return to my usual business. We want to leave a good environment for future players who will take the game. 

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