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Trafficking in clay tiles Insurance

Dhaka Magistrates Court sent Habibur Rahman, known as Mizan, to prison for money laundering. Earlier, after being questioned in pre-trial detention for seven days, Habibur Rahman was brought to Dhaka’s Great Magistrate’s Court by the Crime and Investigation Department. The CID informed the Court that investigations had been conducted on the checks of various banks recovered from the custody of the accused Habibur Rahman and a permanent deposit of TKr 1 in the name of his son. Information was found about bank accounts made in the name of the accused, his wife and children. However, the accused gives information about the source of his income and wealth simultaneously. The investigating officer in the case, CID inspector, Ghayaddin, told the court that he had a large sum of money despite the lack of a specific source of income for the accused councilor Habib Rahman. But Habibur Rahman’s lawyer asked the court to be harassed. Habibur Rahman has not committed any crime. Earlier on October 12, the court allowed Chancellor Habib Rahman to be remanded in custody for seven days in a money laundering case.

In the remand request, a check for 1 million tkr and a fixed deposit fund of 1 million tkr were recovered at the home of Dhaka City Councilman Habib Habib. It is important to take Asami in remand to reveal the source of the money and the mystery of the incident. RAB sources say four handguns and one pistol were recovered from Sylhet’s house in Chancellor Habibur Rahman. Habib raised Taka 1 for you from the bank, and RAB also received related information. Rab Habibur Rahman was arrested on 8 October from the Srimangal district of Sylhet Mulfipazar. According to RAB, Habibur Rahman fled the country and was heading to India. He was caught running away. Habibur Rahman was transferred to Dhaka after his arrest. Shortly after he was brought to Dhaka, Rapp attacked him in Muhammadpur. The RAB filed the case against Muhammadpur v. Habibur Rahman regarding the confiscation of documents (FDR) from his home. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has filed a lawsuit against a businessman and former bank official for embezzling Rs. 2 crore and smuggling them abroad. The assistant director of ACC headquarters Mamunur Rashid Chowdhury presented the case to the district office in Chittagong-1 on Thursday morning. The defendants are Mohammed Mezan Rahman Rahman Shaheen, owner of Mishmak Ship Breaking Industries, Nanda Dolal Bhattacharya, former director of Agrabad branch of Mercantile Bank Limited.

The deputy director of public relations at ACC headquarters Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya confirmed the case. Mizanur Rahman imported the ship through a lender at the Agrabad branch of Mercantile Bank in 2002. But after the bank’s branch manager, Nandulal Bhattacharya, the loan was not repaid, ACC sources said. Later, the money was smuggled abroad. The Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) was named for this violation on 21st. For this, a three-member investigation team was formed. Assistant Director Mamoun Rashid Chowdhury and Deputy Assistant Director Mohammad Shehab Salam presented the report after an investigation led by Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee on Coordination Committee Jalaluddin. Based on that report, this case was conducted. Gnaideh, a company called SB Axim, exported clay tiles made of clay at a price higher than the international market price. Now, 20 million rupees do not come to the country against those exports. However, the Commercial Bank of Bangladesh paid Rs. 5 crore to purchase the export invoice. The bank is owned by a private public institution. Now, export funds do not come to the country, so no money is repaid. Asbesi or how, export orders came from foreign banks of all four, have no activities in their country, and there is no consent to work. In the global language known as “Shell Bank”. There are also global and domestic sanctions for dealing with these banks. The beneficiary of this money in the country and abroad is the name of the client Shahjan Pablo. He is the Chairman of SB Pune Group. According to the group’s website, “Pablo Shahjan is a magnet business in Bangladesh”.

He has five types of companies in Dubai and Singapore. First Light also confirmed that he was working abroad. Earlier, the first “fake foreign bank” was reported in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU), after investigating money laundering in Bangladesh, said Shahjan smuggled about 20 million taka into foreign trade with the help of Pablo Bank. Again, the export invoice was covered by TK 5. There was also an attempt to get government money for exports. BFIU sent a letter to the Directorate of Intelligence and Customs Investigation of the National Revenue Council, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) and the Anti-Corruption Commission to take action against officials involved in Shahjahan Bablu and Commerce Bank. BFIU Chief Abu Hena Moha. “It is our responsibility to inform the law enforcement agencies. We have made it. The rest of the responsibility now is theirs,” Razi Hassan said. The first light from Gnaydeh told the reporter that SB Axim opened a factory last September in the city’s Bisic, the project manager, Ghulam Mohiuddin Farooq, said that a million and a half tiles have been produced so far, and one piece of these pieces has been exported. Shah Jahan Pablo, first light Wednesday evening “$ 1 million has arrived. The rest of the money will disappear in July.

The money came from the bank that communicated with customers. No problem with this. In Qatar, a company honors me every month, bring that money to It also invested 5% of export funds with approval. High Order Purchase Bangladesh has two of the three companies in the UAE that have ordered SB Group to buy terracotta tiles. Among them are Mohammad Rafiuddin and a Afrin boy from Handyware International General Trading Company. Mohammed Rafiuddin is also General Manager of Trade at Al Moudh Company. The company said that although the company is registered in the country to work with two leather goods and animal hair, it imported tiles from Bangladesh. Another company is Millstream Global General Trading. The three companies opened a loan to import tiles worth 8.22 million taka (8 crore taka) through 12 lenders between April 27 and September. Tile prices issued by SB Group are $ 5. The investigation report stated that the tiles were mainly exported by buying invoices to extract more money from the bank, which shows up to 5 times the price. A non-existent foreign bank loan application came from the Trade Bank to buy tiles from four foreign banks to SB Exim. The Bank cannot conduct operations in four countries. They have no branches in their country.

These banks are not under the control of any central bank. These banks are known globally as “fake banks”. Dealing with Shell is strictly prohibited, in accordance with the ILO’s Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering. Bank of Bangladesh has strict guidelines on this. Originally, Swiss credit capital was among four foreign banks registered as Kim Capital in the UK at 20 but closed at 25. During this period, the company changed its title seven times and three times. Until then the loan came from that company. Point Bank is not just a bank, only 5 pounds of capital. Euro Exim Bank is registered with the Saint Lucia Islands and Pan Pacific of Caribbean Bank in the Gambia, but has no activities in their home country. Of the 20 bills, 3 are coming to the country, but the remaining bills have not been issued for almost a year. Within four months of exporting the goods, income will be obligated to repatriate. The funds came from BFIU and are reviewing some export documents from SB Exim from Dubai. But the export price came from Dubai. As a result, violation of all international labor rules is guaranteed. Because in the country where the goods will be opened for import, the goods are expected to be exported to that country. Then the export price will come from this country.

The three bills came from Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in Dubai. All Swift messages are sent using a special 202 code, so the sender’s information is confidential. Companies in Dubai and Singapore According to the SB Virtual Group website, there are at least five types of companies in Dubai and Singapore. These include virtue jewelery in Dubai, the trade of virtue staff, and general trading in the UAE. In Singapore, Pune Gold and Diamond Pte Ltd and Pune Supermarket Pte Ltd. The first light shows the Singapore Business Directory, Pune Gold and Diamond, registering for business in Singapore on August 29. Al Fadil Supermarket was registered on March 7, 25. Earlier, the name was PIU Trading Limited. Virtue is referred to as a supermarket by Singapore standards. The addresses are presented at Grand View Suites in the Gay Lang area. The SB Group is not yet listed in the number of institutions approved for overseas investment in Bangladesh Act. According to BFIU investigators, the SB Axim export invoice was a clear reference to the purchase document, the customer. However, the then managing director (MD) RQM Forkan, additional MD Zafar Alam, DMD Kazi Riazul Karim and others agreed to purchase the invoice. QM Forkan is now the MD of Commerce Securities Bank. Abdul Khaliq Khan, the current managing director of the bank, was talking to an additional MD and DMD. They said last Sunday that the customer had already brought TKK 1 to the country. The TK loan was repaid. Kazi Riazul Karim said: “No bills have been bought for Shell. Banks are known globally.” He is also the Bank’s Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer. Former Bank of Bangladesh Deputy Governor Khondakir Ibrahim Khalid said that the customer has taken this new strategy to smuggle money and withdraw funds from the bank. 

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