Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

US University shelters insurance to cover student loss

The University of the United States seeks insurance to cover financial losses due to the closure or fall of students. She initially benefited from the University of Illinois School of Business and the Grainger School of Engineering. CNBC has reported the news to international media. According to the data, more than 100,000 Chinese students attend different US universities each year.

These students pay full tuition and fees. Receives a great deal of revenue from American educational institutions. Like other universities in the country, these two institutions rely on Chinese students. If Chinese students retreat, institutions will suffer financial losses. In this case, the insurance company resorted to financial losses in the event of any upcoming event and Grainger College of Engineering. This insurance policy started 20 years ago. The policy’s policy number is US $ 5 million. The insurance company pays US $ 200,000 per annum for the premium. The insurance company will compensate for the loss of at least 5 per cent of the combined revenues of the two institutions due to the closure of the study of Chinese students. In this case, the insurance company will compensate Chinese students by 25 per cent to $ 12 million, while the insurance company will fall by 5 per cent. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are taught at the University of Illinois School of Business.

Jeffrey Brown, Dean of the US-based organization’s Urban Campaign. The Grainger School of Engineering, founded on the fifth, is the main unit of the University of Illinois. Jeffrey Brown, dean of the Geese College of Business, helped set up the insurance policy. This was the first such insurance policy. For this reason, there was no insurance officer on the insurance policy, as no one at the university saw the insurance policy in this type. For these reasons it took a long time to start this policy.

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