Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s contribution to the use of technology in insurance

Minister of State for Fisheries and Livestock Ashraf Ali Khan Khosro commented on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s contribution to the insurance sector. “Today, we are advancing in agriculture, animals and fisheries,” he said. We are advancing through the adoption and implementation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh Digital Program. He made the remarks at the opening of the Sunflower Animal Services on Sunday.

The event took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital. Ashraf Ali Khan Khosrow was the main guest on this occasion. Sunflower Limited is regulator of Phoenix Insurance. The motto of this project is digital farm, livestock insurance. Ashraf Ali Khan Khosrow said the public insurer had once again insured animal assets because of a lack of technology. But now technology has added to the insurance sector.

Chips are placed in the body of animals. So there is no problem in identifying animals. That was not possible before. Because of this, insurance companies are once again approaching livestock. Referring to the international conspiracy on animal resources in the country, the state minister said that when a 5 percent tax is imposed on imported milk, rumors began that local milk contained harmful antibiotics for people. However, subsequent tests have shown that it is tolerant.

Similarly, in the poultry industry when we are self-sufficient, it is said that eggs cannot be eaten, chicken cannot be eaten, it is harmful. After the spread, the poultry industry also collapsed. In fact, it is an international conspiracy and a conspiracy by some local businessmen. Ashraf Ali Khan Khosrow said at present that there are 2 crores in 12 lakh cows, 5 lakh 3 thousand buffaloes, more than 1 lakh sheep and 2 million goats in our country.It was Sheikh Siraj said the use of technology in agriculture and livestock should be increased. Those who fail to use technology also lack resources.

The government will have to push the country’s company forward with policy support. He also said that support in the agricultural sector.

Referring to the need to protect villagers in all respects, Sheikh Siraj, the agricultural and media development figure, said that if technology-based insurance came, success would surely come. However, he demanded a further reduction in insurance and technology costs. He said that 100 per cent of the business mindset could not be dealt with.MP Ali Ashraf, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, was among others.

Reichul Alam Mondal, Member, Regulatory Insurance Development Authority, Jacques Chand Das, Chairman, Phoenix Insurance Company Mohamed Shoaib, Director, Animal Resources Department. Heresh Ranjan Bomek, Director General, Animal Resources Research Institute. Government of Nathuram.In addition, DLS General Manager Abdul Jabbar Sukkar, BFP-B Team Leader Faisal Hussain, General Manager of Sunflower Limited, Fidaa Haq, Animal Insurance Project Manager and Company Secretary Rafiqur Rahman spoke.

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