Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Member of Bangabandhu Insurance Family It is our pride: Sheikh Kabir Hossain

“We are proud of the insurance family from Bangabandu. If it weren’t for the country, the country would not be independent. Today, the Bangladeshis are the owners of this bank,” said BIA Chairman and Omar Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The BIA hosted the Martinga International Institute in the capital on Thursday, where the head of the BIA said GDP growth is now 5 percent, and respected Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this growth will Decreases to 12 Palm In the future, many countries do not like this progress in Bangladesh, the war in the country does not like it, so the life of the Prime Minister is a big threat, and Sheikh Kabir Hussain said that Bangabandu loved Bengal a lot and was saying – Bengal will never kill me.

He was killed by Pakistani ghosts and US agents, they committed brutal killing, believing that he would be a world leader, Bangabandu was killed and tried, but those involved in the killings were not prosecuted. Now you must judge them. There will be post-mortem justice if necessary. He said that the killers of Bangabandhu must be tried by forming a commission. The Special Advisor on Industries and Investment to the Prime Minister Salman Abdul Rahman MP was a special guest at the meeting. The guest of honor was the First Secretary of the Financial Institutions Division of the Ministry of Finance.

Lion of Islam and Chairman of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Commission. Shafiqur Rahman Patware. In addition, Chairman of the Union Insurance and member of the Advisory Board of the Awami League Muzaffar Hussain Balto, Chairman of the Board of Best Life Major General (retired) Abdul Hafeez Malik, Chairman of the Board of Life Insurance. Selena Afroza, IDRA member, Gakul Chand Das, Syed Shahriar Ahsan, CEO of General Insurance Company, Popul Life CEO and BIF BM Chairman Yousef Ali.

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