Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Annual Conference of Trust Islamic Life in Cox’s Bazar

  1. The Annual Conference of Trust for Islamic Life Insurance – 20. The conference was held recently at the Palace Paradise Hotel & Resort in Cox’s Bazar. The conference was chaired by Mohammed Jayasuddin, Managing Director and CEO (Continuous Responsibility) of the company. The main guest was the company’s director and chairman of the development committee. Jahangir Hussain Mulla. The death check was handed over to the late franchisee Imtiaz Ahmed Siraji to Ms. Tanina Siraji, the client’s candidate
  2. The Chief Guest delivered an orientation statement to delegates at the Annual Conference, emphasizing the percentage of work achieved at the 21st session and discussed the steps the company has taken at different times. Jahangir Hussain Mulla, the main guest of the event, opened mobile applications in the presence of development officials at the beginning of the conference.
  3. The insurance company said in a press release that more than 500 officials of various levels from across the country participated in the conference. Mohamed Giasuddin, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer (Continuing Responsibility), spoke at the conference. The meeting organizer and DMD chief Mizanur Rahman Mizan addressed the conference. In addition, the company’s Deputy General Manager, SAMD customers and other development officials provided their own data.

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