Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Insurance is not a place of mistrust, believe it will benefit: Finance Minister

Claims made by the public about the insurance sector are no longer a complaint. The insurance sector is no longer in force. Rely on the insurance company to benefit. We have taken an initiative to start livestock insurance, agricultural insurance and expatriate insurance. It also tells people that insurance is not a place of distrust. Finance Minister Ahmed Kamal spoke at a meeting with insurance owners and senior executives at the Ministry of Planning on Sunday.

The finance minister also said that the distinguished prime minister believes that the insurance sector should be strengthened to strengthen the economy. Therefore, the government will provide all kinds of assistance for the development of the insurance sector. At that time, said the Minister of Finance, many buildings in our country are not covered by insurance. Even car insurance is not properly insured. The insurance sector does not develop as the country’s economy progresses. The role of insurance is very important in the economy. Strengthening the insurance sector is essential to boost the economy. There is nothing less to see. He said the country’s economy had increased. We will stay ahead of GDP for the next 5 years. Therefore, the insurance sector must be strengthened. The distinguished Prime Minister has confidence in the insurance sector. Therefore, he wants to provide all kinds of support to strengthen the sector.

As you say, I will organize all kinds of cooperation with the approval of the distinguished Prime Minister. “We’re on the road, but we don’t have auto insurance coverage,” said Egyptian Finance Minister Ahmed Kamal. The construction of highrise is that they have no insurance. In such a situation, the economy moves forward and cannot be compromised. It is a loss for the country, a loss for the country’s economy. There may be problems in a sector, he said. We will solve those problems in cooperation with everyone. There is a crisis of confidence in the insurance sector. We have to eliminate it. That’s why you have to invest. Come to the campaign. If you don’t spend business, how will business grow? For insurers, the minister said he must submit a request to improve human resources. If we can create a skilled workforce today, it is they who will support the development of this sector and move forward. Children in the insurance profession should organize training abroad. Insurance must be included in the curriculum. The University of Dhaka, together with the Academy of Insurance, can play an important role. He said that many agents are considered intermediaries. Many people think that the image is damaged. The agent’s name was changed by the insurance officer.

This will solve the problem. Whatever you do best to develop this sector, you must take the initiative. The government cannot change any sector. The government can establish policies. You should implement it. The minister also said that the nation’s father, Bangabandhu, was in the insurance business, was working in insurance. It is our inspiration. Therefore, the country must strengthen the love, patriotism and social responsibility insurance sector. “We don’t want to be tough,” the minister told the insurers. We want to make a change of sector with love. But it may not be the case that someone breaks the law day after day, year after year. There are strict measures to take. In addition to revoking the license, measures must be taken in the Criminal Code.

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