Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

5 Reasons to Reject the Death Penalty

In addition to savings, private individuals take out insurance to cover financial losses in times of risk. Year after year, the race pays a premium on the money. Customers will receive insurance money with earnings after expiration, waiting for that happy moment. After submitting the application with the prescribed documents, the insurance company transfers the required funds to the client. However, there are exceptions.

The company claims to have insured the client’s death, but the company has repeatedly refused. In this case, the insurance company highlights several problems as arguments. The Regulatory and Insurance Development Authority has identified six of these problems. Presented to BD Insurance News readers. 2. When providing an insurance policy, health information is not provided to the insurance client or kept confidential.

2. At risk, the age indicated in the proposal shows the actual age or more. 2. If you intentionally accept a large insurance policy without financial capacity. 2. Acceptance of the policy concealing information about the occupation and the real state abroad. 2. During the policy reinsurance policy, the insurer conceals information about physical illnesses and returns the policy.

2. To receive death coverage, the insured will pay the premium by issuing a premium receipt (PR) specifying the return date after death. 2. When making false medical reports. 2. In the event that women obtain insurance or hide information or obtain insurance or reinsurance. 2. In case of death of the insured before payment of the policy in case of value paid.

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