Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Children should be prevented from dengue Insurance

Dengue is still a formidable panic. On the one hand, their immune system is deficient and on the other hand, children are at high risk for various reasons such as mosquito repellent. Besides, young children spend most of the day asleep, which is another reason. Children who go to school are at increased risk. In one class, many families have children; Dengue virus can be transported from different environments. Mosquitoes are exposed to many class rooms during the day.

When children are free to attend classes, mosquitoes get a chance to bite. If children have dengue, the symptoms of children’s dengue are much like those of adults. Fever, headache, body ache, eye pain, nausea or vomiting, food cravings, abdominal pain, diarrhea are symptoms of dengue. Symptoms usually show within 3-5 days of mosquito bites.

The baby should be kept inside the mosquito this time. Children should be kept in mosquitoes for up to ten days even after the fever is good, so that others who do not spread the disease should take care of the fever or dengue suspected at this time. CBC). Hematocrit values ​​and blood pressure are important for monitoring the disease status. If you have dengue, you need to give fluids frequently. Drink water, lemon syrup, fruit syrup, saline, dab water etc.

Make sure your child is urinating regularly. If you do not urinate within six hours, your child should be taken to the doctor. If the fever is more common in children, the problem is that the children do not want to eat. Not eating enough food is considered a danger sign or warning sign of dengue. In addition, if the stomach is swollen, vomiting or a thin closet, it is considered as a warning sign. In this situation, it is important for the child to be hospitalized.

We all know that there is no cure for dengue fever. Paracetamol syrup and frequent sponging can be done at prescribed dose for fever. There is a fever for 3-5 days. The condition of the patient usually worsens after the fever goes away. No panic on platelets No need to panic with platelets. In rare cases of dengue fever, platelet transfusions are required. If there is no sign of bleeding, it is usually not necessary to give a platelet. Platelets are not a treatment for dengue fever.

The intensity of the patient is not determined by the platelet. So there is no need to watch platelets count frequently. Seeing blood pressure is rather important. Because the main danger of Dengue is ‘Dengue Shock Syndrome’. When the blood vessel pores become larger due to the virus, the aqueous material is released from the blood. As a result, blood pressure decreases and blood supply to various organs is disrupted. This is called dengue shock syndrome. In children, dengue shock syndrome can be extremely dangerous. If your baby’s urine is low, hands and feet become colder than normal, the baby may have shock syndrome if he or she is unconscious or the body is dull.

It is very important to be under the care of a doctor or hospital at this time. To prevent Dengue: 1. Children wear flower sleeve dress pants. 2. Whenever the baby is not sleeping, day or night, he should be kept inside the mosquito. ৩. Replacement lotions can be used to prevent mosquitoes. It also takes some work. ৪. Destroy your home, the stagnant water on the cornice and the rooftop, which is the ideal area for Aedes mosquito breeding. Keeping our children healthy is important for a healthy future.

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