Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Insurance is no longer foreign: Finance Minister

From now on, all types of assets in the country will be secured. In the past, large projects were secured abroad, but henceforth they will be covered. No premium will be paid abroad. This will increase corporate internal revenue. This was stated by Minister of Finance AHM Mostafa Kamal while delivering a check from the General Insurance Company to the Office of the Minister of Finance in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar on Wednesday.

The finance minister said that according to the project, the mechanism would come from abroad and the premium would disappear. We are clearly saying that they will not go abroad now. In response to a question, he said, our large imports were for different projects. In this case it was said that the insurance companies in our country are small, we have no authority. In case of an accident, they cannot cover the loss. In this case, the premiums had gone abroad. This will not be allowed. Do you not pay the insurance company claim? In response to this question, the minister said: I have not received such accusations.

If I receive such a complaint, I will take action and address it. “I think the companies did not fall much.” This is not acceptable in the case of general insurance, can be in the case of life insurance. There are many places available. Often the money is not paid exactly. Many hide the old, then the problem is created. The field of insurance is a different field, it is influential. If any information is incorrect, there may be several problems. Ask customers to be careful with this. “Our weakness in the insurance sector is that Avernessa has not accumulated. Neither general insurance nor life insurance. Same on life insurance if insurance doesn’t have the right information.

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