Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

How to calculate safe days

For those who are not looking to have a baby right now, and are reluctant to regularly use contraception (such as a pill or condom), the natural way can be a great way. This is a procedure recognized by the World Health Organization. In this way, by calculating the time of ovulation or ovulation, birth control can be arranged at that time, with or without intercourse. How to calculate whether women want to use natural or natural methods, they should keep a monthly calculation for the previous six months.

It’s a good idea to note the number of days that start from one month to another. Then you should subtract 3 days from the shortest menstrual cycle and subtract 5 days from the longest menstrual cycle. For example, if the menstrual cycle is calculated from 25 to 5 days, the calculation would be: 25-5 = 1 and 1-3 = 1. This period is called the “risk period” or “fertility period.” During this time, the risk of pregnancy can be reduced if the husband is closed or if the husband is using a condom. What are the limitations? This method only applies to those who have a monthly routine. For those who suffer from irregular menstrual periods, this procedure will not work.

Several studies have shown that the failure rate of this method can be very high, up to 5 percent. Those couples who wish to have children if they coexist in the risk period will be rewarded by calculating this method. Ovulation is usually good for up to 24 hours after ovulation. Again, sperm can remain in a woman’s vagina for 3-5 days. In this period, therefore, the idea that you have sex every day is not correct. Doctors usually recommend intercourse one day. Read tomorrow: cardio exercises to keep your heart healthy

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