Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Thanks to the BIA President for the Finance Minister

The President of the Bangladesh Insurance Association (BIA) thanked Sheikh Kabir Hussain, Minister of Finance, for announcing the insurance of mega projects in the country. Thanks BD Insurance News on Thursday. Earlier on Wednesday, the Finance Minister announced at his office in Cher Bangalanagar that from now on, the country’s major mega projects will be secured. Insurance in the country is no longer being abroad. According to the statement of the Minister of Finance, a report was published in the Insurance News Bd. Based on the report, Sheikh Kabir Hussain said that during the transfer of SBC checks yesterday, the distinguished Minister of Finance promised to secure large projects in the country.

We take the BIA initiative to take such initiatives for the benefit of the national interest. At the same time, the BIA warmly congratulated the esteemed minister on the positive comments made regarding the payment of the insurance claim. His comments will contribute significantly to the development of the insurance sector. He said that insurance for a huge project so that we can do in the country is our application for double time. This will increase the revenue of non-private insurance companies on the other hand, will increase government revenue. The country’s money will remain in the country. We believe that local insurers have the ability to accept insurance risks for large mega projects. Referring to the claims concerning insurance claims, he said that there was no problem in paying customers’ claims in non-life insurance.

If any claim about insurance is filed, we will resolve it with the regulator. Egypt’s state-owned insurance company will invest 5 billion taka in the government treasury, Finance Minister Mostafa Kamal said on Wednesday. At the same time, he said that there is no claim of non-payment of insurance claim in the non-life insurance sector. However, he commented that there may be some problems with the life insurance company

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