Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

The chair is healthy

You sit in front of the computer. When necessary, unnecessary time passes hour after hour. Those who have been studying for a long time, they must spend their time sitting in a chair. From data collection to design and planning, everything in one place.

Previously, the necessary files had to be taken from a closet in your office, and now a hard copy of the file stored on your computer appears with a single click. Therefore, the chair is less and less in the workspace. There are many benefits of working from one place to another, but many are also considering the risks of back or waist to work in a continuous session. These problems are mainly due to incorrect posture. Shamsun Nahar, head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said he should sit comfortably while working.

Those who work longer hours are more likely to neck and waist. Then we have to work on a chair made after the natural bending of our spine. The top of our waist is naturally bent forward slightly. If you sit in straight chairs, there is a risk in this part, because the chair is not related to this part when you sit on the chair. This way, if you sit for long periods of time, it can cause your waist. Learn to avoid back and waist pain. Proposal by Professor Shamsun Nahar: I am sitting in a chair. You don’t feel on your neck or back. The bottom of the backrest and the chair cannot be left empty. Whatever the work of the computer or pen, the work items must remain at a convenient distance. Chairs and tables cannot be separated much.

Do not work hanging your hands. At the time of typing and working with a keyboard or mouse, the entire area, from finger to elbow, is on the table. Place both feet on the floor comfortably. Thighs will be parallel to the floor. No part of the body can remain shaky or unsupported. Work with the right support. Sitting in the right position will not harm your back or waist, so you will be free of neck pain. You get up to change gestures. Although it is not possible to rest for 20 minutes, it takes half an hour. You cannot work continuously for more than half an hour. These chairs are best if you want to make a chair according to your body structure.

If this is not possible, buy a chair with a curved back like a column. Check the height of the chair, so as not to dangle your feet; again, it is not necessary to bend the legs in a painful position. It is better not to sit in a swivel chair. What are the options? If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a chair or make a small pillow, you can use it. You can work in the correct position by placing the pillow in the lower back and the empty part between the chairs.

Many people put an extra backrest on the chair. This is not very effective. Again, this is a little useful in the back, but using it increases the risk of neck pain. Those who travel in the car for a long time can use pillows in the same way. After driving for an hour and a half, stop for 5 minutes. Perform some hands-free exercises in these 5 minutes. Even those who have been sitting in the car for a long time must comply with these rules. Where you can find chairs priced wood, pertex or appropriate materials. In addition to the bus, handicrafts, Akhtar furniture, royal furniture and Partex furniture, you will find chairs suitable for work in various furniture stores, which are slightly curved behind. From these, you can choose the chair that suits you best. The price will be from 1 to 25 thousand taka.

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