Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

One afternoon at Shelltech Bithika

Nearby buildings became smaller and became mired in fog. The Torrag River was back in public view when the white mist penetrated the settlement. “Turag occupies the fog today,” said Celtic director Samia Siraj. It is fortunate to meet such a huge fog in the city.

The area is adjacent to Lalkuthi Mosque near Mirpur No. 4. This is the residential place Sheltek Private Limited – Sheltek Bithika. In addition, this private residential project consists of four 4-storey buildings. The first building, to the left of the hand, crosses the main gate of Shelltech Bithika. On the right side are three buildings.

From the second building to the fourth floor of the fourth building there is a car. From the fifth floor to the fourth floor, there are four apartments in four buildings (each one to five square feet) and Bhaikka with 12 commercial spaces. We were then on the balcony of the third building. On the way down from the roof, Samia Siraj said, “We are trying to plan the project, taking into account the problems of people living in city life. One such project is Shelltech Bithika. All advantages are within the same limits, namely Shelltech Bithika.
Sunny afternoon sweet

In the afternoon, in the beautiful sun, we will rise again in the elevator and go down. Sheltek Bithika still houses three buildings. Stop at the different floors and take advantage of modern amenities. Then there were some of our partners, the staff of Sheltic. Come here. This is the gym. There is another aspect. Someone said from the side. Open the door and see the gym equipment. Just waiting for the resident.

Cross the gym and go to the pool. The swimming pool is water proof. But there was no official opening yet.From there they took them to a furnished apartment. Everything inside is furnished with furniture. Customers can customize their own apartment if they want. You can also choose from these well-equipped apartments. The information is known only to the staff of Sheltech. Director Samia Sarraj, who oversees the bathroom, said that each apartment was decorated in a way so that people on wheelchairs could easily use it.

Live in green

A corridor was created to surround the border. Small areas of green grass were kept for children. Along the way we walked three buildings and walked a little. On the road, Samia Siraj said, “The arrangement is for the residents of Tabitha to have a heart relationship. These days, in urban life, the distance between people is increasing.He showed me a place to talk. I know rainwater will be stored there. With stored rainwater, the car can be used for cleaning and parks for approximately eight months.

Leaving the green road, I came down the first building. This is the reception room. Then super place. Residents can access the necessary shopping from here. Upstairs there is the Chiltic Management Office. Community Center third floor. There are arrangements that can be arranged for 20 people. Residents of Bithika can manage small events here. Beside this is the system of prayers for women and men.

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