Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

DBH home loan to fulfill the dream

Most people dream of owning a home. But to achieve this dream, it is often difficult for the cataract and able to bind the same yarn. This helps ease the difficulty of various banks and financial institutions. Institutions lend to buy an apartment, house or land in simple terms and installments. One such organization is Delta BRAC Housing (DBH) Finance Corporation Limited. DBH employees and officials are busy with the housing loan (home loan) at Gulshan 2 headquarters in the capital. Nisimul Patten, EVP and head of operations at DBH, said the company started its journey at 3 am. The company has been dealing with housing loans from the beginning. Without a government home finance institution, DBH is the only organization that deals with housing loans. The main task of DBH’s dream partner is to help the buyer, as much as he can, to add some money to buy an apartment or build a house. The price of the apartment is 1 taka. He has 1 lah taka. The rest of the money is given to him as a loan. Currently the home loan amount for the company is Tk. Nisimul Patten said it was the top mortgage lender.

What is required for a home loan?The customer must own land or buy an apartment for the house. These two types of clients are seconded to DBH. Basically two things. Whether the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. So his monthly income seems. If the employer, where does he work? Worksheets, payroll paper, bank deposit, salary and customer photos are provided. If the client is a businessman, business papers, business licenses, tax papers or three-year securities, the banks in which the transaction is made are seen.
Out of these, land or flat documents will be required. The apartment or land on which the house will be built will have leaves. Capital Development Authority (RAJUK) approved the architectural design, paper, document agreement with the owner (developer) with the owner and the apartment to be purchased.Loans cannot be obtained if the necessary or necessary conditions are not met in the paperwork. DBH tests everything on earth.

What to deliver?

If the buyer buys an apartment from a developer, there is a tripartite agreement between the developer and the lender company. The agreement between the developer, DBH and the buyer who purchased the apartment is detailed. The documents of that agreement must be submitted to the DBH.If the borrower owns his land and wants to borrow from it, there is an agreement between the parties. Owner papers must be submitted to the DBH. Until 20 years, the loan could only be borrowed by deposit. Now you must submit a mortgage registration. Upon payment of the loan, all documents will be returned.

In how many days

The borrower can obtain approval within one week after application. However, giving money in his hands depends on many things. Depending on how much work has been done, and when the money is spent, how much money will be required – depending on these funds. A house or apartment is required. DBH pays step by step according to buyer’s needs. Their technical team looks at the booking and advises the authorities to pay the money.There is no limit or limit on how much we can pay,” said Nisimul Patten.DBH offers a maximum of 5% of the total cost of the apartment. A loan is granted to all those who can pay. However, the principles of Bank of Bangladesh must be followed. Loans are granted for 6 months to 20 years. The interest rate on home loans depends on the timing. Currently, DBH offers loans of 5 percent. Residents of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla and Gazipur will receive the loan.

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