Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Special care for wooden furniture

There are not a couple of wooden furniture inside to show the nobility. However, the beauty of the furniture must be maintained to preserve the spirit of the elite. Wooden furniture must be taken care of, wooden furniture is regularly taken care of. Take some time and do this step by step. Gulshan Nisreen Chowdhury, the lingerie designer, said that one day, furniture dust should be removed with a dry cotton cloth. This will not allow dust to accumulate.

Otherwise, some dust may accumulate in the soil from time to time or bacteria can damage the wood. The fine and transparent polishing of a wooden cow ruins the beauty of the wood. Because the blade protects the wood, it also improves its brightness. That is why it is difficult to clean the dust every day even though it is difficult. Wooden furniture should also be kept away from areas where intense sunlight or rain storms can develop. In strong sunlight, the color of the wood is lost. There is also the possibility of explosion. For this purpose, heavy or heavy cloth curtains should be used on windows or doors. The brushes can be used to clean dust from design spaces on wooden furniture.

Corners that cannot be cleaned with a finger or a cloth easily come out. If there is too much dirt or a black or greasy feeling, light cotton soap can be diluted with a mild soap. In addition, handprints, tea stains, water stains and adhesive dirt are used in daily use. Be careful with this. If water or other liquids, including water or tea, fall on the wood, it should be removed immediately with a dry cloth. The dining table, the center table of the living room or the kitchen cabinets cannot be placed directly on the wood. The heat of the wood is lost in heat. Outside these rules, they can be applied once or twice a year to maintain the brightness of the wood. As the beauty of the furniture increases, the durability will increase. The house will also be alive.

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