Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Shillong-Cherrapunji calendar

Someone opened a jump shop in Mulliang village at noon. Some do housework. It took time to get out of the car to the city to get the metal. The temperature is worse than the temperature reported by Google. But one of Google’s data seems to be correct, Mawlang is the cleanest village in Asia! In front of each house is a brick staircase for tourists on the narrow streets, and everywhere there is a garbage bin made of sugar cane. There is no way to throw dirt from the basket if you wish. The living tree bridge built on the natural tree roots of this city, and the attraction of the green tree on one side is the source that flows on the other side. The sound of the flowing water resembles the drunk melody of the French violinist. I’m still bad. With this observation of a shower in the village of Shillong, India, I went back to the road. On August 8, we left Sur Surma in Sylhet with rain on August 7 at 7 am. There are four of us on this trip. Destination: Shillong-Cherubongi, India, a cloud-covered lake crossing the Tamil-Dokki border. After the trip, the first destination reached the village of Mullingang in the afternoon. Enjoying the beauty of the city, exhaustion began to decrease. Now Shillong is the destination. Lunch The restaurant has green grass, carpets and grassy chairs all around. Suddenly, Scotland believes it will not be bad. With regard to the eyes, the broad green horizon and the blue grid of the sandal are connected. In adolescence, there is a cloud of activity. The food I ate was nectar. In that environment, after not having tea in the afternoon, he rose to the Bengali contradiction in the back. We couldn’t sunset in the western sky after drinking tea. Time is not calculated in the head. A cell phone, a camera that was busy framing the beauty around it. However, this time there was no break in the address, directly to the hotel. At that moment, the evening light began to shine. I can see the small houses lined on the slopes. Near the city, Shillong seemed to have caught fire without spending much of its presence on the ground.

If you come to a new place, isn’t it in danger? We left our driver at the guest house. However, after a while I realized that we went to another guest house with the same name or that the driver had accidentally dropped it. The owner of the guest house, however, is left alone. Talk over the phone to the apartment number we have booked. Shortly after we arrive at our address. But again turn the mind. As I saw in the online photo, I did not book. However, I have no time to devote much time to tired, so I went to sleep. The next morning, she changed places and went to Amnesty International, where she made a mistake last night.

A new morning in the new city. Today’s fate is Cherrapunji, the fruit of the Seven Sisters. In the morning, the parrot appeared with eggs and fried eggs in the car.

The mountains around the road are green and single. We arrived at Cherrapunji, daughter of Meghalaya. In Cherrapunji, the fame cloud is famous for rain. However, we couldn’t see the rain. The mood of the seven sources in Rodilla’s smoothness has made our minds spin rhythm. Seven colors of the rainbow are created naturally at the bottom of the bushes. It takes beating in its extraordinary beauty.

On the second day, the trip ended. It is the turn of the day before the night returns. At 9 o’clock in the city, all work stops. Cool at night, we sat in the dining room of the guest house. Potatoes, dalmakhani, egg yolk and chicken, taste food now in the air.

There was no interruption to sleep at night. In the morning, I woke up with sweet sunlight coming through a small window next to my head. There was dirty air coming from the other side. Standing on the balcony, I woke up in the mountains and saw the beginning of a new day for the people of the city. This is the last morning in our cloud mountain town.

After breakfast I left for Guwahati. The distance from Shillong to Guwahati is about 5 km. On the way to Guwahati, I also saw Lake Omium. You can’t miss a boat ride on the lake. The experience was rich. Then travel again.

The arrival to Guwahati has been delayed. Guwahati is famous for its temple. The Omanda temple resembles an island situated between Brahmaputra. There is also a small launch. We got up as a passenger on the last flight this afternoon. In the middle of the river, we saw daylight. Within the launch there are breakfast and tea newspapers. Mind is impossible to fix. Bo

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