Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Cloths are arranged Insurance Tips

He went out now but opened the closet and stopped. The fabric had to be ironed. Now, it is almost like shredded paper. The mood was uneasy. It took a long time in the brain to find other clothes. It’s my fault. Do not pack the closet. Dirty cabinets are lost in time, humor and quality of clothing. If you know where the clothes are, what the clothes are, then the clothes will be dense.

Mahmoud Khater, an assistant professor in the garment and textile industry department at the Home Economics College in Dhaka, said many things must be considered to keep the wardrobe properly stored in the wardrobe. It is important to know where to store clothes, if they are clean, and how they are stored. Keep clothing in a dry place so that the clothes do not become damaged. Be careful that the wall behind the furniture, the angle of the next room and the floor beneath it do not get wet. It is better not to put furniture next to the plaster wall.

If you want to put clothes in cabinets on the wall, you should think about these things. Fungi can be attacked by wood ash. You can see if he has a wet feeling. Fungi can appear as powder coating on the inner door of the furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all clothing from inside the furniture with a clean, dry cloth. Place paper on furniture shelves and fold. You can put naphthalene in the corners of the interior of the furniture. Clothes should be folded carefully and stored. If you don’t want to wash a cloth after using it once or twice, you should first take it in the sun. Otherwise, moisture will remain sweat. All clothing must be kept in the closet and the closet in the sun at least twice a year. Better than twice a year. However, if the clothes are exposed to direct sunlight, say them upside down. It is best to give clothes in a place where the heat of the sun comes out rather than direct sunlight Insurance.

You can wear a hobby or a thin cloth on a light dress. Often, if you do not have the opportunity to run clothes, it is better to take out clothes while cleaning furniture. If this practice also increases the durability of furniture, clothing is also good. If you want to keep clothes for a long time, it is better not to look at them. Keeping the tissue moist for longer can cause insect attacks or fungal folds. Folding bases Separate small and large fabrics. Then you can find out easily. Socks and underwear in stairs. The petticoat blouse can be stored separately. You can also use a separate shelf to hold the shirt. Bright jamadani sarees, which can be used once or twice a year, can also be used in a dirty Tubelight and stored in a closet. Then there will be no fear of bending into the fold.

The barn can be used to fold some sari, hang some and save closet space. Synthetic fibers can hang sarees. Cotton sari can be folded. If you want to combine a particular blouse, petticoat and veil with a sari, you can use hangers from three to four levels. If you group them together on a relationship, you can easily find them. The casing usually has a bag, so that the casing can be left in the bag and hung on a hook. It is better to hang the barn on the national clothing bar. You can hang cotton clothes. You can also hang children’s clothing. But sweaters or other woolen clothing should not be suspended, and when used, the volume increases. Less space? If there is less space for clothes, you can put the clothes in a large, transparent plastic box. From the outside, it can be seen from outside the box. The veil, clothing or other small clothing can also be stored in boxes. It is best to put the clothes in an airtight or airtight box. Then the cloth will not be damaged by insects or dust.

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