Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Puri’s belly

A photo appeared in the news archive several times on Instagram. The word written in the image attached to the eye, “mashed fish taki”! It was known that it was roasted with onion or rice and onion. But now I see that Puri has also entered. Seeing the image published by a food blogger called “Being Foody”, he discovered the huge mullet in the capital Wari. 1 Gorbol Lane, Tipu Sultan Street, Warri. In this direction, Khan asked at any moment, someone said he will get more details. Khan Hotel is known as the Tak Buri store.

The store is just a small rice hotel nearby. It was still five o’clock. However, the snack began. One puree, the other is bread. When the store owner searched, the staff contacted Malik Bilal Hussein. The middle-aged man came and told Taqi Puri. Your hotel is about 4 years old. Starting with the father’s hand. Bilal Hussein said: “One day at home I was eating taji stuffing, so it was made of mullet. Take a small oven and put taki buri in your house. From the spices, bring a mixture of raw chili, onion, potatoes, coriander leaves and dried chili powder with fish fillet to the store.

Bilal Hussein said that this mullet is more delicious in winter. Fish is more available, so the amount of fish is greater. In winter, 3 to 5 kg of fish puree are produced daily, at other times 5 to 5 kg. This mullet will be available daily from 4 pm to 9 pm. Each taki puree costs 5 rupees.

Pleasure is served with mash. The sauce made from sarasapata, chili, coriander leaves and yogurt is eaten with fish puree. All that is needed is to see the faces of satisfied people in the restaurant.

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