Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Eye problems in dengue

A large number of people have contracted dengue this year. Many also have eye problems associated with dengue fever. Dengue fever can lead to several types of eye complications. Some complications can be long-term. It can even reduce vision. Bleeding in the eye: A complication of dengue fever is the formation of complications such as bleeding or platelets in the blood. This bleeding can occur in the retina, either inside the eye or in the back. Small, large, severe, mild: there may be bleeding in different doses. This is not generally understood. However, an ophthalmologist can diagnose the problem by examining it.

Fever is likely to occur five to seven days. Maculopathy: The central area of ​​the retina is known as macula. This area is very sensitive. The exact cause is unknown, but it is believed that complications of the immune system can cause maculopathy, vesiculitis, or inflammation of the back of the eye. This can cause vision problems. This problem can be treated on its own and can be long-term. Pain in the eyes, red eyes: can cause the appearance of fever, such as other virus fever, back pain, discomfort, pain in the eyes, discomfort when looking at light, red eyes, etc. There’s nothing to fear. Within two or three days, the same treatment. Other complications: Dengue fever can also cause complications such as inflammation of the eye (UVIT) (inflammation of the eye), obstruction of the central retinal vein, arthritis, neurological problems, subcutaneous hemorrhage. What to do From the first day of fever, no eye pain, red eyes, discomfort and itchy eyes are needed. Paracetamol is enough only for pain.

You have to drink plenty of water. These symptoms usually disappear within two to three days. Four after four days, if the eye pain, or blurred vision, discomfort, etc., should consult an ophthalmologist. Every patient with dengue fever, especially those with platelet degradation, it is best to have an eye examination every seven days to detect fever. Because, at this time, maculopathy, fovitis or inflammation of the type of UVITS occurs. In addition, every time you lose your vision or begin to appear blurry, you should seek immediate medical attention. If platelets are reduced to dangerous levels, they can cause bleeding in the eye as in other areas of the body. So make sure you show your eyes. Most eye problems with short-term dengue. However, in some cases, visual loss may be long-term. Therefore, the ophthalmologist should seek medical attention.

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