Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Smile a little

“Don’t stop them from laughing at Ramgarro, / when they hear laughter,” Don’t laugh, no, no, no. “The generation is gone, my character has disappeared,” many people have been left with the idea of ​​a false feeling in themselves.

He does not laugh at laughter. He is like a “big boss” and his forehead always bothers him, but trying not to laugh is not right at all, and to be good both in the body and in the mind, you have to laugh, you have to laugh for logical reasons. The phrase “hello” to laugh is a universal language! In almost all languages, the expression of laughter is the same, people are the only animals on Earth who can laugh perfectly. Researchers have found evidence that some animals, including chimpanzees, rats and dolphins, dogs can express joy in their behavior or voice, but this is not a laugh. This is what Hina’s smile says.

This is really Hina’s call. That smile is laughter is a manifestation of Manifestations of human feelings. The joy and passion that comes to our mind after any achievement, arises from laughter. We don’t laugh consciously, “laugh now, everyone laugh.” Laughter is automatically expressed at the source of spontaneous feelings. The “laugh” consciously, the sweet smile that hangs on the corner of the lips with the discomfort of the state is an artificial laugh. The emotion stimulates the cerebral cortex before the ventral frontal lobe, causing the release of a chemical called “endorphins”, so we laugh. If this is explained in another way, laughter explodes in the blood circulation of our muscles due to emotions, then it emits endorphins in the brain.

Like the case of “egg before or chicken before”. The limbic system of the brain and the activation of the amygdala play a role in the creation of laughter. According to Sigmund Freud, laughter eliminates our anxiety and eliminates anger and sadness. Laughter is important. Laughter is a way of communicating with each other. Because mentally healthy people don’t laugh alone in front of others. Laughter is contagious, that is, when you start smiling in the chat, it extends to everyone. During laughter, mouth, throat, neck, chest, hand muscles move, breathing changes. A child who develops generally learns to smile before learning. They can usually smile automatically within three to four months after birth, but if they don’t smile automatically within six months after birth, their growth is slow. Children laugh about 4 times a day, and the elderly laugh about 5 times a day. A lot of research on laughter. In general, we see several types of laughs without laughing at the theoretical analysis: loud laughs (laughs), smiley smiles (hard laughs), smiley smiles (sarcastic laughs), repressed laughs (laughs). Laughter without thinking), fierce laughter (laughter laughter), Makey laughter (false laughter, orderly laughter) etc.

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