Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Making money is not easy earnings! The real life story of the son of industrialist Lohani Sahib

The incident occurred that day, and I was the only son of my industrial father Lohani Sahib, Robin Chowdhury. Then I’m a student at this level. The son of an industrialist taught in English differently. Clubs with friends, club parties, tours, fresh drinks, everything else spent to enjoy a different kind of life. One of the leaders was thinking of friends. Because of that, I used to spend the most. One day I planned to travel to Thailand with friends. Here I celebrate my birthday this time. In the meantime, my friend is a bit poor, and they have to bear my expenses. Today my father sits in the drawing-room of the house and drinks coffee. Before I say anything to my father, Dad said how much ?? No, my birthday was in front of my father, what does this mean? My father was angry and I said I asked you how much ?? 2 million parents. Hmmm !!! You are the best child in the nation. You have given birth to this nation, and your birthday will cost only 2 lakhs. In the meantime, the mother leaves. what happened?? Our only son will own all this wealth in a day. Give it up, don’t hurt him. What if I took my son in the airplane seat on the airplane plane and landed on your son’s plane.

How can you say? Sean Robin’s fortune did not come in a day. To take responsibility for this is to make yourself eligible. Well, I’ll give your son 2 lakhs if he can work hard and earn $ 25. I slept in my nose all night for only 20 takas. Father tomorrow will see I am eligible to take over his ownership. The next morning at nine in the morning, my father called me and woke me up. Did you have to wake up in the morning for only $ 20 that looked boring ?? I’m ready to make 20 bucks in a flower sage babe once ready. With no money in his pocket, Dad gave him a spy. After leaving the house, it now seems that I was in the middle of the sea. Where can I get money without capital? I can’t borrow from anyone, I can’t get help from anyone. I can’t beg. It was noon to think. In the end, I went to a carport garage, and I was afraid that too many people would raise their hands on the carriage if anyone thought of me as a carriage driver? At that moment, the conscience explained to me that “Rexwala” is a man like me. It is wrong for them to raise their hands. I went to the carport garage but they would not give the car to strangers. Suddenly the head did not get the cart, but what happened was that I could push the cart. I don’t lose my dad’s son so easily. At the time, the high bridges had to push one of them by car. In return, the passengers would pay 3 rupees. I didn’t do anything in life, and I didn’t even pour a glass of water myself. Today, I pushed the cart in the hot sunshine and got 4 rupees in 5 hours that way. After vehicle number 5, I was on my knees. She got up again. When the passenger was giving me a coin of 5 rupees, why tears came with my eyes. After a few hours, the acute pain began to intensify.

Feeling very tired, the body seems to betray itself, leaving me alone. I finally got home at $ 5. I went in front of my father and put money in my father’s hands. I thought my wrecked face, my hands were crying after seeing the torn pants near the hands. Maybe I can rest my head with my own hands. No, he did nothing. Instead, he told me that I would now walk with Danmonde to the Buriganga Bridge, no doubt. I was surprised. Now he looks really a businessman. I still ask why my father is walking. He said Father Amito had reached this position a little this way. It did not come by car or plane speed. You only suffer one day, be a little patient how to explain to my father about my fatigue. Death is better than torment. My father grabbed my hand and woke up at 3 pm. My father and I are on the quiet river bridge. When my father stood on the railing of the bridge, he told me how Robin was running in the water. You gave me 5 bucks in my hands, right? Yes, Dad, the first profit of my life.

I know Robin has a lot of trouble making this money. Now listen to what I tell you. I know my son is very good at mathematics from an early age. I hope you can count well. Now I will throw your money in the water and say how much is left. The water returned to my face after hearing my father. My father throws a piece of metal into the water with all his might and tells Robin now. I cried and said, Dad, it’s five o’clock. In this way, I began to calculate all the hard-earned money in my life before my eyes one by one. I do not know the language of such a position. Just know that all the tears fall from my mouth burning my heart like kerosene oil. My father has never raised his hand and has never been given, it seems today that all the attention has already been wiped out. Dad is not another money. Robin said that I cried to waste the money I earned today and the amount of money I wasted in this way, where I did not cry even once. I have the same feelings you feel hurt. Your last money I left is the first money my child got. It is a gift of pride to one father, and I will keep it to death. You’ll get 2 lakhs from your mother tomorrow. After hearing these words from his father, he felt more guilty. I couldn’t restrain feelings. I hugged my father and cried to tears and told him that my father didn’t need money. I did not learn anything in school that day, what I learned today, you are the best father in the world. No one can be a better teacher than a perfect father. The ideal father is the best teacher in the world.

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