Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Preparing for winter travel

Nature is now in the mist and mist. Children’s exams are almost over, English New Year and Christmas holidays in front. What could be a better time to turn around? So many are now counting long or short trip days. However, no matter how you get out of the trip, you want to be fully prepared for it. Otherwise, the joy of traveling can be disastrous. Since you are traveling in winter, before traveling, know which places are suitable for winter travel. Because not all places are suitable for travel in winter.

For example, if you see fountains in winter, you are more likely to see mountains instead of fountains. So this season you can read magazines, books, travel guides to find out which places are suitable for travel and how to access them. Get a guide to travel abroad. Try to find your own language guide. Keep the required phone number and the address, phone number, if anyone knows where you are going. There are various travel bags for traveling. Larger trolley bags are comfortable than travel bags when traveling for longer days. For a few days, you can take a travel bag or bagpack hanging over your shoulder.

Not only on the shoulders, they can also be taken by hand. You can give your clothes in a small trolley bag when the little one is there. Trolley bags of small designs are now available in the market. These children can drag themselves. Traveling clothes are not so cold in their own country, so just go for winter clothes with thin clothes or wear hard winter clothes with luggage but there is no cold! Such a mistake is certainly not accidental. So before going to another country or district, know the temperature of the tour spot.

Wear a full body cover to go to the forest, you will be protected from insect bites, scarcity. Wear clothing that travels somewhere to get into the water, which will dry out very quickly if the water is wet and the colors will not rise. If booking is possible, book a hotel before leaving. Because of the winter season many times the hotel is in crisis. For this you can get help from various hotel websites or travel agencies. Tikitaki, however, is an urgent brush, paste, soap, shampoo, razor-foam, mirror, teal, lotion, and so on. So of course, during bagpack, think of these in the baggage.

Avoid eating foods that may cause stomach problems or stomach problems while traveling. In the long run, there may be dehydration. So be careful when choosing food on the plane. Don’t forget to take gadgets, cell phones, cameras, chargers, MP3s, earphones, batteries, power banks, laptops, chargers, flashlights, etc. It is wrong to take gadgets. So keep these things in the bag in advance. Keep with the necessary medicines do not come as a physical problem. So keep regular travel medicines along with fever, headache, indigestion, diarrhea medicines. If anyone with diabetes, asthma, pneumonia problems is on the go, take medicines, inhalers. If possible keep the diabetes and pressure measuring machine with you. Comfortable shoes are not very suitable for travel, no matter how smart you look in high heels. In this case, sleepers, kiddos, boots are really comfortable.

Diabetic patients must wear dads while traveling. Sunlight is much closer to the beach than in the sun. So if you want to go sunscreen, use sunscreen lotions, wide caps, sunglasses. Put aloe vera lotion in the luggage. Use the skin back from the sun. If a healthy baby does not sleep well, children may feel sick to the journey. From two to four days before the trip, make it easy for children to get enough sleep to prepare for the trip. Be careful about feeding your baby while traveling. Keep an eye on the child so that he or she can relax a bit without taking the baby all the time. There are restrictions on the delivery of fluids on the aircraft; you can carry less than 20 ml of milk in separate bottles for the baby to avoid disturbance. Report the matter to the authorities if there is a problem. Take care When leaving the country, what you should be most careful about is your passport. If for any reason your passport is lost, contact your country’s embassy as soon as possible. If not required, keep a photocopy of national identity card, driving license, passport, visa, credit card.

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