Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Festival of victory in the color of clothing

Fashion houses of the country have been inspiring the present and future generations by highlighting various topics including Bangladesh’s culture, heritage and glorious history in the design of garments. Designers always make special days and festivals colorful with timely clothing. Victory Day is a day of hardship, joy and achievement. We celebrate this day by honoring the freedom fighters by remembering the martyrs. Therefore, fashion houses are organized around this day

Fashion houses design new clothes and give this day another dimension. To highlight the event, the Fashion Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh has organized a special event with red-green clothing. This year, the red-green color has gained prominence in the dress. The design of the wardrobe has highlighted the spirit of victory day. Anjon’s Anjun always emphasizes the importance of indigenous heritage and pride in clothing design and thinking. The day of great liberation and victory is something to be proud of in our lives.

So, every time Anjan’s special celebration of the Victory Day has been organized with the costume of victory. Postage stamps of liberation war, poems about war of liberation, pictures, our national flower shapala and commemoration have been used as inspiration for organizing this year. The red and green color of our flag has gained more importance in the design of clothing. This year, sarees, Punjabi, girls tops, salwar-kameez, T-shirts will be available. Besides, Punjabi, saree, T-shirt, frock and salwar kameez are available for children. Costumes have also been kept relatively low to celebrate this day of great victory. Moonmoon’s December 7th, on the occasion of our great victory day, Moonmoon has brought girls’ kurti as a special attraction. Besides, order can be arranged by Designer Kurti, Punjabi, Saree in Moonmun’s.

However, this opportunity has been kept till the first week of December. Address: Bailey Tower Shopping Complex (Lower Ground), Narayanganj. Nandan Cottage Victory Month returns in December with a red-green color. In December, our favorite red-green color came alive in Bangladesh! And we see his reflection sharply on the garment. Therefore, in conjunction with the spirit of Victory Day, Nandan Cottage manufactures red-green clothing with indigenous materials every year in this victory month. Not only the red-green color, Nandan Cottage also created the costume of victory using various domestic elements of the garment. This time around, Nandan Cottage’s victorious clothes are eco-friendly. The ‘Other’ is always organized specially for every other festival and special day. In the new design in front of this day’s victory day, the green with a red saree, fatuya, salwar-kamiz, Punjabi and red-green sheets on the green, with the victory as ‘different’ in front of winter.

Cloud is being organized regularly with red and green all new designs. The same design can be found in Punjabi-kamiz-fatu and T-shirts. We hope you are, are, and will always be, with the ‘cloud’ in red and green. From humble beginnings to proficient, patrons today enrich the outlets in new design garments, keeping every event in front. This year, in front of Vijay Day, red and green colors have been made with prominence, including footwear, shirts, Punjabi, sarees, salwar-kameez, kurtis and various clothing. Calligraphy and Floral Motive have been chosen for Motiv. Screen print, block print, hand work have been used as media.

Color of the song of Bangladesh Independence and the flag of Bangladesh has been captured on the canvas of cloth. The main colors have been chosen as red and flag green and the auxiliary colors are green, white, tia, golden yellow. The collection of children is especially interesting because of the importance not only of the elderly, but also the importance of children’s clothing on every occasion. The design of the garment is exposed using various value-added media. These include screen print, block print, embroidery, handwork, glasswork and so on.

Mia Bibi’s red-green color for nature, for all of this year’s victory, Mia Bibi worked on ND, cotton and half silk sarees, and applied embroidery and cotton yarn. Punjabi, Fatua and Salwar-Kamiz touched on victory. Sadakalo sculptor Syed Abdullah Khalid’s sculpture, ‘Aparajay Bengal’ and the liberation war song ‘We fight to save a flower’, have been decorated in white and black this year. Created using screen print, block print mediums, sarees, salwar-kameez, girls kurta and Punjabi. Beyond Sadakalo The most popular song during the War of Liberation is ‘Fight to save a flower’ and Beyond-Sadakallo organized this event on the occasion of Victory Day, sculpting two things by sculptor Syed Abdullah Khalid. – Simple. Saree, salwar-kameez, Punjabi, girls kurta and tops were made. Screen prints, blocks, embroidered whose main medium of work has been. All clothing can be found at Bashundhara Deshdash Square, Gazipur, Comilla and online.

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