Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

Didn’t see eye contact

I did not meet the eye, two feet away from the house. In fact, six seasons, there are many sights around this country. Cox’s Bazar is the largest beach in the world and the largest single mangrove forest is Sundarbans. There are also sunrises and sunsets on the beach, Kuakata, a heritage site with many natural and heritage sites, including the World Heritage mosque. In addition, the diverse culture of the indigenous people of this country has added a different dimension to our heritage. Winter is approaching. And winter means the tourist season of Bangladesh.

So if you want to travel this season you can see the variety of Bengal. But when you go out on a journey, you have to think first, how much time and budget is in hand? Because, when the time is short, it is best to travel around the place or day to day. And if there is time in your hands, you can go far. But if you go out on a trip, it is better to go to bed. It costs less. On the other hand, traveling alone is also fun. And family trips are fun too. Another thing to keep in mind when going out on a trip is to give priority to where you haven’t been before. But wherever you go, you should find out all the information about the accommodation and transportation system before you go there.

It is good to take someone who has gone before people you know where you are going. Or get to know the local people there. Besides, there are many books on the market with travel information. If you want to know by watching those books. And now is the age of information technology. There are various information and pictures of travel on the Internet. You can also find information from there. Traveling by sea Those who like to see the sea should first go to Cox’s Bazar.

It is the largest beach in the world. Standing beside this huge beach will make your mind wider; Do not be mistaken if you say so. And the coastal marine drive is also the longest marine drive in the world. With this drive you can catch the sea from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. Cox’s Bazar also has many sights including Himachari National Park and Beaches, Inani Beach, Ramu Buddhist Vihar, Safariparks. Cox’s Bazar is a special attraction of St. Martin’s Island. From Teknaf, ships can be sailed on the island. There is also food and drink on the island. Another resident of the island is Choradvip.

Without Cox’s Bazar, you can visit the sea at sunrise and sunset in Kuakata. This is great too. From Dhaka to Cox’s Bazaar, you will return to Dhaka from day to night. But it will take another day if you get to St. Martin. From Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s you will return day by day. Can have And going to Kuakata will not return in such a short time. Because, if you want to go to Kuakata first on the launch or on the bus Patuakhali. Then from there to Kuakata on the local bus. So it will take a long time to get there.

If you see the sea in the mountains you can go to the mountains. Rangamati Hill, Bandarban, Khagrachari are really a beauty piece. This town is well-dressed with hills, forests and indigenous people. In addition to adding eyes, the mind will also add. The hill departure from the area will reach Dhaka in the morning and will return to Dhaka again at night. Hotel-resorts are all there if you want to stay. If you see sea or mountains in the forest, you can go to the forest. And you can first come to the forest to see the forest. It is the single largest mangrove forest in the world. From Dhaka first to Khulna, then from there you can enter Sundarbans through various travel governing agencies.

Apart from this, you can go alone to get a taste of Sundarbans day in and day out. From Monglaghat, it will take about an hour to reach Karamjal in the trailer. Apart from this you can also come to Sundarbans directly from Dhaka through various travel agencies. Many people think, why not go to Sundarbans if you go alone anywhere in the country? In fact, their ideas are wrong. Because, you have to take at least three to four days to visit Sundarbans to see the sights of Sundarbans. And Sundarbans can never be accessed alone with any boat or trailer. So if you want to get to the main part of the Sundarbans, you need to get the help of the tour operators. Or have to go to their own launch or big trawler.

Without launch, the forest department will not allow you to enter the Sundarbans alone. Tea garden Once you see the forest, sea or hill, you can visit the green tea garden. There are numerous tea gardens in Sylhet Division. However, the largest and most tea gardens are in Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar district. After leaving the train or bus at night, going to Dhaka in the morning will see the tea garden again and return to Dhaka at night. If you want, you can see it in Srimangal day by day. Haor Bangladesh has large hawars all over Sunamganj, Moulvibazar and Sylhet region.

Hakaluki, Tangua, Pasua, Bikkas and other haor can be seen in the area. During the winter season many birds of paradise become hawks in the Kultan. And another beauty in the rain. On a bus or train from Dhaka at night, Haur turned around in the morning and again in the morning. Sylhet region is not only tea gardens and haor, there are numerous forests and shrubs throughout the region. Madhabpur fountain is one of them. There is also a hammam fountain in the forest. Both fountains are in Moulvibazar. Antiquities: It is also fun to visit traditional architecture or antiquities. It can be traced back to all the chapters unknown to past history – traditions or cultures. And you can visit the mosque, including the Shatagumbu Mosque in Khulna, Kantijur Temple in Dinajpur, Mainamati in Comilla, Paharpur Buddhist Bihar, Mahasthangarh of Bogra, Mathuramir Dur of Faridpur, Rajshahi.

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