Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019

What to do if you become ill in severe heat?

Regardless of the temperature of the iceberg or lu-haw, the internal process of the human body wants to set its own temperature at 1.5 degrees centigrade. Because of temperature variations in the body, people only do worldly activities. But as the sun rises, the body has to work extra to keep the core temperature cool to a certain level. As a result, the blood vessels around the skin begin to work more and more to spread the intense heat, and then begin to sweat. With the white dot, the heat slowly flows out of the body. When is the problem? Sounds simple, but the body is not easy for the body.

As hot, it is difficult for the human body to handle. When the lower arteries of the skin begin to open, blood pressure decreases and the cardiovascular function increases. The heart has to pump faster to reach the blood throughout the body. As a result, there may be mild rash or rash on the body, meaning small rash that can cause itching. Or someone’s feet may swell. But if the blood pressure drops too much, it can lead to a heart attack. The excess sweat can cause the body to become dehydrated.

Some of the symptoms may be accompanied by dizziness – numbness, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue, tiredness and hesitation. What should you do if you see someone become ill in severe heat? If you see someone getting sick from overheating, you need to arrange for half an hour to cool them down. If he heals in it, then he must realize that the illness is not serious. Britain’s National Health Service has provided some suggestions on what to do if someone becomes ill in severe heat. • The person should be taken to the cold place as soon as possible • Must be washed, and his legs lifted up a bit • Provide plenty of water or drink to be supplied, drinks to clear the anemia • The skin of the infected person needs to be cooled. The body can be removed with a wet cloth or sponge. Cold water can be provided under the armpit and in the neck, but if not healthy within 5 minutes, the person is likely to have a stroke. It should be taken to the doctor immediately without any notice.

Heatstroke can stop people from sweating. In that case the person may become unconscious. Who is at greater risk? Healthy people are less susceptible to heat stroke in extreme heat. But some are at serious risk of becoming ill. The elderly and those who are already sick, are more likely to get sick than others. Those who have diabetes type one or two, their bodies quickly become empty of water, and some complications arise. Besides, the children suffer very much heat. Many times they can’t explain their discomfort, which is why parents cannot take action at the right time.

Does the drug increase the risk? Yes. But people usually take medicines for a problem, so they have to think of a different mechanism to keep the body cool. Apart from a heart attack or a stroke, the body suffers from various complications. In addition to water, various minerals in the body come out with sweat. Some diseases, such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s, may increase the heat. Apart from this, there is a feeling of heat rising in medicines containing lithium.

Do people die in heat? Yes. Heat is heard all over the world. In Britain, about two thousand people die every year in the heat. Old records show that more people die within the first 24 hours after the onset of heat. About 25,000 people died in the heat wave across Europe in the 21st. What should be done during the heat? The thing to do is just plain – be cool and don’t let the body dehydrate. It’s best not to work in the sun in the heat and to avoid working hard. Drag the curtains at home during the day. Drink plenty of water and milk. It is usually hot during the day. But too hot at night is harmful to the body.

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