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Polycystic ovarian syndrome: how do you know Insurance?

PCOS is responsible for multiple physical problems, including infertility in women. It is important to know the symptoms of illness without ignoring it. This is because illness can be avoided through medical and lifestyle changes over time. Frequent mood swings? Nothing looks good Due to unnecessary exhaustion? These problems are often overlooked by girls. But all of these problems are but signs of polycystic ovarian disease or PCOD.

Many go to the gynecologist, usually suffering from overweight, irregular menstruation, over-the-counter pain. Again, there are many who are still childless and do not know that polycystic ovarian disease is responsible for their infertility! Nowadays women are often heard complaining about such problems. The statistics prove that only 20% of women are born with this problem. One in every 5 women with polycystic ovary is diagnosed with a high prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

But those who have these problems become infertile in their lives. Not only that, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome brings a catastrophe to a woman’s life. From this the menstrual bike becomes random. The hormone balance is lost. And the loss of the hormone balance means a lot of crisis in women’s lives. Above all, there is a huge deficiency in the attractiveness of women, which can also be the cause of a woman’s mental problems. How do you get an answer? There are several known signs of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

At first it is said that the menstrual cycle can be irregular or completely closed, the success of the pregnancy remains unaddressed after many attempts, abnormal hair or follicles grow on the face, the hair of the head becomes thin, and with much effort, the body weight gain cannot be stopped. Moreover, one of the problems of modern times is sudden mood swings, mental exhaustion. As a result, tiredness, relaxation, even during the day can lead to nose and nose. Acne problem is also there. Many may not catch these symptoms together, but be careful if some of these symptoms are mixed or if some physical symptoms are less common.

Get deeper! Polycystic ovarian syndrome usually occurs for abnormal hormone levels. In this way, no exact cause of this problem can be found. However, if one has been suffering from this problem before in the family then the next generation is likely to suffer. So be careful if grandmother, mother, grandmother or any close relatives have such problem.

People who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome have been found to have slightly higher testosterone levels than their ovaries. The PCOD symptom is most likely due to the increased testosterone. Polycystic ovarian disease causes insulin resistance in the body. As a result insulin dries, but the body does not respond as well. So blood glucose levels increase. The known fruit of which is blood sugar. Excessive insulin is released into the body to maintain increased glucose levels. As a result, the weight increases. The menstrual cycle is irregular, in order to increase the luteinizing hormone.

A blood test is sufficient to determine if the diagnosis is polycystic ovarian syndrome. Examination of the blood leads to high levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone in the body. The effect is observed. Moreover, doing ultra sonography can certainly mean a polycystic ovary. The dangers of severe polycystic ovarian syndrome overwhelm the body. Diabetes bases in older cars for insulin resistance. Excess weight or obesity may be called hypertension. It may also be associated with heart disease. There are more risks, such as the endometrium thickening with less than three menstrual cycles a year.

Which in many cases causes excessive bleeding and later increases the risk of endometrial cancer. উপায় The way of redemption does not completely cure the problem of polycystic ovary. This problem is being dealt with by applying contraceptive pill to different bicycles. To help her get convalesced, some medicines are given so that the ovaries are excreted. In addition, the modern Di Chiro is treated with Inositol or Mayo Inositol herbs.

 Not just drugs, yes that’s right. It is not possible to deal with this problem with drugs alone. The only solution is to adhere to the standard of living. This way you can get rid of the disease. Take a balanced diet first. Eat at the right time Breakfast or breakfast cannot be skipped at all. In the morning we have metabolism level high.

At that time, take nutritious food in your stomach. In fact, in our country especially in Bengalis there is no custom for heavy breakfast. But this habit is needed and this habit can cure many diseases. Our problem is that in the morning, after eating a little or not completely eating at noon. This habit brings danger. It’s good to have a little lunch at noon. And whatever you eat, you must have vegetables. Eat dinner at 5pm. Do not eat anything heavy at night. Put lots of vegetables in the diet.

Reduce the intake of sugars. Try to fill your stomach with vegetables mainly. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber that keeps your stomach full. As a result, playing vegetables does not get hungry quickly. Again the Bowell Movement keeps fit. Metabolism holds good. Excess fat also helps in getting rid of the body. Helps keep cancer away. Maintains vitamin supplements in the body. And, of course, eat regular fruit. Do not eat very expensive fruits. A guava is enough. As a result, there is a large amount of antioxidants.

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