Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019

Is papaya juice or coconut oil really effective against dengue?

Since the spread of dengue in Bangladesh in the last few days, there has been talk of some natural solutions of dengue through social media of Bangladesh – one is papaya leaf juice. It is said that by adding a few more ingredients to the papaya juice and drinking it at a certain time interval, it is possible to recover from dengue quickly. But does papaya juice really play a role in preventing dengue? Mohammad Mujibur Rahman, a teacher in the Department of Medicine of Dhaka Medical College, said there was no scientific basis for the claim that papaya juice plays a role in eradicating dengue. “The role of papaya juice has been tested in different parts of the world to eliminate dengue, but it has not been fully proven that it is effective against dengue,” he said.

Mujibur Rahman said that although some experiments were carried out separately in different parts of the world, it was not proven through any kind of randomized controlled trial following scientific principles. He also said, “To be sure of the effectiveness of a drug, there must be a randomized controlled trial. It cannot be said with certainty that the drug is effective against a particular disease. ” Rahman said it is not possible to say with certainty the effectiveness of papaya juice against dengue until it is scientifically proven.

But in some countries of the world, doctors advise patients to drink papaya leaf. A study conducted on 5 dengue patients in India in 25 revealed that the blood volume of papaya leaf patients increased relatively more than other patients and their side effects were relatively low. The news was then published in the Times of India. In addition, the rate of need for blood transfusions was also lower in dengue patients who were fed papaya juice.

To control the severity of dengue, patients are advised to eat a certain amount of papaya juice on the website of the US National Library of Medicine. Coconut oil makhale really does not mosquito bite? In addition to drinking papaya juice, dengue prevention has been discussing social issues in Bangladesh for the past few days – that is, coconut oil on foot. Tahmina Akhtar, professor of pesticides at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, did not fully agree with the claim that coconut oil could be avoided by mosquitoes and oil-spilled mosquito bites.

“Since mosquitoes pierce the skin and drink blood, I think any type of oil on the skin can counteract mosquitoes,” he said, adding that mixing pesticides with coconut oil would be more effective. General Chat Chat Lounge Akhtar. He added, ‘Naphthalene or camphor powder is a good pesticide. Mixing kurur powder with coconut oil can be more effective in combating mosquitoes. ”In addition to the strong odor, coconut oil can also be effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Source: BBC.

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