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Constipation and piles of pregnant mothers

Estrogen and progesterone are two important hormones that play an essential role for pregnant mother and child during pregnancy; The birth of a newborn without the complications of embryo transplantation, development and success depends on these hormones. Although these hormones are essential for the success of the womb, progesterone, in particular, is responsible for the onset of various uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy.

The effect of progesterone on the maturation of pregnancy is especially noticeable. Progesterone is largely responsible for the muscular state of the maturation. Muscle relaxation expands the food supply through maturation and maturation, and initiates constipation. Not only does constipation cause constipation, constipation can trigger associated complications, such as piles, fissures, thrombus piles. In addition, the relaxation of the stomach and small intestines causes uncomfortable symptoms such as indigestion, indigestion, and drowsiness.

The symptoms of these symptoms are very common during pregnancy and pregnant mothers have no reason to be ashamed. Constipation is usually physically uncomfortable, the rectum is excessive, the stools are tight and small, the abdomen is stressed or elbowed, the anus is not relieved, and the anus is often felt exhausting. In addition, constipation can show single or multiple symptoms, such as cramps and lower back pain, abdominal cramps, nausea and so on. Depending on the severity of constipation, multiple symptoms appear simultaneously.

Constipation is so common during pregnancy that constipation can be considered as a symptom of pregnancy, among other symptoms. There are several effective treatments for cure constipation. In addition to the remedies, I always advise you to follow a healthy diet and change easily mimicry patterns to avoid the symptoms of maturity. These tips help to relieve constipation during pregnancy. My tips: 1. Drinking lots of water. 2.

Eat healthy foods rich in fiber, such as fiber brown bread, fruits, vegetables, pulses and beans. 2. Instead of eating many foods at once, practice eating at least several times a day, which helps reduce stress or pressure on the maturation system. 2. It is important to remember that if you eat more fiber or fiber foods, you should increase the amount of water you drink throughout the day. Advice on changing lifestyle

  1. To exercise lightly but regularly by exercising some rules. 2. Mold from top to bottom below the back. 2. In the morning, after trying to get up early or eating a meal, try to rule it out. If you have a feeling of defecation, it is best not to delay. Effective treatment for cure constipation: 1. If constipation is not cured even after a healthy diet and lifestyle, medication may be needed. However, it is important to keep in mind that any drug entering the mother’s body may have an adverse effect on the fetus / baby. Therefore, no medicine should be taken without the expert’s advice.

Like Western countries in Bangladesh, midwifery education is now available for midwifery and midwife has greatly improved the service of pregnant mothers. 2. Drugs that cure constipation but do not enter the blood, such as lactulose, are useful to pregnant mothers but are not addictive drugs. The lowest dose of paracetamol tablet can be used for short periods of time due to constipation due to constipation. If constipation causes further complications, it is important to seek the advice of a specialist physician.

I would like to discuss the pills of pregnant mothers in the next issue. Piles or hemorrhoids of pregnant mothers Piles or hemorrhoids are inflamed blood vessels, such as mattresses or pillows located at the end of the rectum and rectum, which help control the excretion of feces through the rectum. Although part of the normal body of all humans, only those with symptoms appear when those inflamed blood vessels are called piles or hemorrhoids.

Although the symptoms of piles increase the likelihood of any human being exposed to pills under the influence of the pregnancy hormone, in many cases the risk of complications increases and the risk of complications increases. Symptoms of Piles Symptoms include bleeding usually gorgeous red, itching, sore throat or swelling around the anus, feeling pain in the anus during anal rectum, and ejaculation after excretion; The pressure is to reach the inside.

In many cases the piles are always positioned outside. Constipation causes and aggravates the symptoms of piles, and therefore, treatment with constipation piles is very important. To avoid constipation and piles symptoms before or after treatment through medication, I always advise you to follow a healthy diet and change your lifestyle. These tips help relieve pregnancy constipation and piles. These tips I have specifically mentioned earlier in the discussion about constipation. It is not advisable to stand for longer during pregnancy or to sit in the toilet longer.

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